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Recovery Kit - Beach

Recovery Kit - Beach

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MAXTRAX now presents the complete Recovery Kit. Don’t get stuck while the tide rolls in…The Beach Kit is a bundle built for open coastal spaces. All the essential equipment wrapped up in our high quality Recovery Kit Bag.

Each MAXTRAX Beach Kit Includes

1 x MAXTRAX Recovery Kit Bag

2 x MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle 

3 x MAXTRAX Core Shackle 

1 x MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope (10m) 

1 x MAXTRAX Static Rope (3m) 

1 x MATRAX Rope Dampener 

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1 x MAXTRAX Recovery Kit Bag
2 x MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle
3 x MAXTRAX Core Shackle
1 x MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope
1 x MAXTRAX Static Rope
1 x MATRAX Rope Dampener

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