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Core Soft Shackle

Core Soft Shackle

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The MAXTRAX CORE Shackle is a general-use soft shackle constructed of premium Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene and Polyester and features a rated Minimum Breaking Strength of 30864 pounds or 14000 kg. A braided sheath protects the 21.5" (550mm) long shackle from wear and tear due to abrasion and friction. 


The MAXTRAX CORE Shackle is designed to be at the CORE of two interacting MAXTRAX Products, and also functions perfectly with the MAXTRAX Winch Ring 120.

The MAXTRAX CORE Shackle has been designed and tested as part of the MAXTRAX Recovery System.


Weight: .25 lbs
Materials: Ultra-High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Polyester
Length: 11in X 11in X 4in
MBS: 14000 kg/30864 lb

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