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Universal Bed Bars

Universal Bed Bars

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With an adjustable system designed to fit just about every truck on the market, the Universal Bed Bars make a simple system for mounting tents, cases, or a host of other adventure rack systems. The Bed Bars are mounted by attaching to your bedsides and require no drilling to install. These Bed Bars are typically purchased in a 2-pack but if you have a larger truck bed or a higher weight load capacity, simply add another bar.


Adjustable Width:
Whether you drive a Tacoma or a Tundra these bars can adjust to fit whatever width your truck bed is.

Side Mounting Locations:
Mount Roto-Pax or traction boards right to the side of your bed bars with the provided mounting locations.

Bedside Clamping:
Mount these bars to any truck that has bedsides with the plate hardware. If your truck has a utility track you can mount it using that as well using your own hardware.

Versatile Mounting:
Whether you a mounting a Rooftop Tent, a Rugged Case, a Bike Rack, or any other piece of gear, these bed bars make it simple and easy.


LOAD CAPACITY: 300LBS (Static Rating Per Bar)

MATERIAL: Powder Coated .125 Galvanized Steel

WEIGHT: 20LBS (Per Bar)

BAR WIDTH: 56.7"(MIN) - 63"(MAX)

BAR HEIGHT: 7.5" (From Bedside) - 9" (from Mount)


MOUNTING HARDWARE: 4x Plates & 8x Bolts

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