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Triple Bliss Hammock

Triple Bliss Hammock

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Hammock Bliss Triple is the largest, most spacious portable hammock on earth. Triple Bliss is ideal for couples who want to be extra friendly in a hammock. The huge surface area means that you can frolic in most any position and any direction with plenty of room to spare. Families love the expansive area as it provides a fun place to hang out with the kids that may result from all of that friendly snuggling. Great for tall people who want a hammock wide enough to lay in any direction.  When size matters, Triple Bliss is the answer.


MASSIVE SPACE - The largest portable hammock on earth keeps on giving in every direction
FAMILY FRIENDLY - Great for couples, groups or families
NYLON PARACHUTE MATERIAL - soft, breathable, strong & quick drying
SUSPENSION INCLUDED - 250 cm / 100" per side of super durable climbing rope
STRENGTH TESTED - 160 kilos / 350 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 300 cm x 250 cm / 118 "x 98"
WEIGHT: 675 grams / 24 oz

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