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Titanium Mug Pot 500 Stove Set

Titanium Mug Pot 500 Stove Set

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"TITANIUM DX STAND" and "TITANIUM ALCOHOL STOVE" set can all fit within a "Ti Mug pot 500 ml" which is plenty for a single person. If you purchase alcohol which can be used as a fuel at a pharmacy, you can boil water with it.

Upper stand:

  • Diameter 82
  • Height 60mm (3.19 x 2.34inch)

lower stand:

  • Diameter 80
  • Height 50mm (3.12 x 1.95 inch)

Alcohol stove Size: 

  • Diameter 71 x 42mm (2.76 x 1.63 inch) 

Mug pot 500 Size: 

  • Diameter 98
  • Depth 88mm (3.85 x 3.46inch) 
  • Capacity: 550ml (with scales)

Weight: 161g (5.67oz) 

Material: Titanium

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