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Snow Peak

Stacking Shelf Container 50

Stacking Shelf Container 50

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Designed in Japan, the stainless steel Stacking Shelf Container 50 is a versatile storage option. Keep it at home for convenient storage or use it as a grab-and-go option for your camping gear. The Stacking Shelf Container 50 features bamboo handles for extra style and can also fold open to store bulky items such as firewood or blankets. Stack several containers to form a sturdy and durable shelf. Pair the Stacking Shelf Container 50 with the Stacking Shelf Container 25 for multiple storage options.


Modular Container for the Camp & At Home
Can be Expanded and Stacked as a Shelf


Length: 24.6"
Width: 16"
Height: 10.6"
Capacity: 44 lbs
Weight: 12.1 lbs




Body: Stainless Steel, Steel
Handle: Laminated Bamboo

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