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Snow Peak

Ozen Solo Table

Ozen Solo Table

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Made of lightweight aluminum, the Ozen Solo Table is a small rugged backpacking table. Use the Ozen Solo Table to keep food off the ground or as a small cooking surface. The Ozen Solo Table folds down flat and easily fits in a standard pack. Pair the Ozen Solo Table with the GigaPower Stove Manual for a backcountry cooking set-up.


Lightweight Table for Backpacking
Can be used as a Windscreen for Smaller Stoves


Length 11.7"
Width 8.3"
Depth 3.3"
Length 11.7"
Width 4.2"
Depth 1"
Weight:9.5 oz


Tabletop x 2
Legs x 2
Storage Case


Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel

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