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Mosquito Net Cocoon

Mosquito Net Cocoon

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When the bugs are the thickest, the Net Cocoon is the answer. Custom made for bug free sleeping, it completely encloses your hammock to protect you from biting insects. Use the Net Cocoon with any size Hammock Bliss or any gathered end hammock to create a sleeping space completely sealed off from pesky bugs. Dream the night away in peace, confident that those annoying bugs will have to find someone else to bite.

Note: Hammock is sold separately & is not included with the Net Cocoon


NO BUGS - 2100 holes per square inch no-see-um netting keeps out gnats, fleas, sand flies & mosquitoes
COCOONED BY NETTING - Creates Large & Roomy Bug Free Space
EASY TO HANG - 250 cm / 100" per side cord suspends the net
RIDGE LINE LOOPS - Extra loops on top of net for optional ridge line
YKK ZIPPERS - double pull inside / outside zippers for easy access
GEAR POCKETS - 4 integrated pockets on the net to store your gear
DIMENSIONS: 300 cm x 145 cm / 118" x 57"
WEIGHT: 480 grams / 17 oz

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