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XTREME Combo Pin Set

XTREME Combo Pin Set

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Designed to work exclusively with MAXTRAX XTREME and MAXTRAX MKII. 

Our Combo pin set will allow you to mount one set of MAXTRAX XTREMEs along with one set of original MKIIs.

Only one set is required for mounting one set of MKII and one set of XTREME.

  Please Note: Antiseize recommended on install. 


Genuine MAXTRAX Mounting Pins are the easiest, safest, and most secure mounting solution for putting your MAXTRAX on a roof rack or cross-bars. Constructed from high-quality black nylon and stainless steel, these quick-release pins can hold one or two sets of MAXTRAX (2 or 4 boards).

Top roof rack manufacturers, including Rhino Rack, Eezi-Awn, Front Runner, and more, make a reciprocal bracket that allows for a bolt-on roof rack mounting solution.

The design also permits a TSA-style padlock to be run through the top of the pin to keep your MAXTRAX secure—we recommend a bicycle cable lock if your security requirements exceed this.


Weight: 3.5 oz (per pin)
Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 2 in
Size: 6.5 inches long including an inch-and-a-half shaft of 10mm diameter thread that can be cut to length if required. SS Nylock nuts & flat washers are included.

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