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Winch Ring 120mm

Winch Ring 120mm

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The all new MAXTRAX Winch Ring will replace your bulky and heavy snatch block. With roots in the sailing world, winch rings are an efficient way to change the direction of a pull or double the winching load. The winch ring is simple to use, just run your synthetic winch line around the exterior of the ring and attach your soft shackle though the interior and onto your recovery point. Then, you can pull the winch line back towards your vehicle and connect it to a rated recovery point. The inside of the ring is highly polished to ensure no snagging or friction build up on the soft shackle. The outside ring has an extra-deep channel and light texture for better line retention. This reduces the risk of your winch line dislodging when not under load.


In an industry first- every MAXTRAX Winch Ring is individually X-Rayed in Australia and engraved with a unique, trackable serial number.

Precision engineered and CNC machined from single billet of 6061 aluminum, the MAXTRAX Winch Ring features a 27,577 lb working load limit. Our extensive certified destruction tests have shown an incredible average breaking strength of 137,806 lbs.

Benefits Of The MAXTRAX Winch Ring:
• Lightweight- engineered from 6601 billet aluminum
• Designed exclusively for use with soft shackles which are safer to use than metal D-ring shackles
• Safer than a steel snatch block
• No moving parts, so the ring cannot be clogged with mud or grit
• Perfect for use in tight trails.
• One ring doubles your winching capacity
• Working Load Limit: 27,557 lbs
• Destructive Test Break Load: 137,806 lbs
• Every ring is individually X-Rayed for inclusions
• Read more about the Winch Ring from Adventure Curated
Note: Not for use with cable winches or metal D-rings


Weight: 3.5 lbs
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 4in
Color: Stainless Steel

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