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LG567 Wings Of Life Pack

LG567 Wings Of Life Pack

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Life Gear’s Wings of Life survival kit contains 3 days of food and water for one person, a first aid kit, and essential survival tools in an easy to carry pack. The kit is contained in a fully functional backpack that is ergonomic, comfortable, and durable. It comes with adjustable straps, multiple storage pockets, and is made of lightweight, water-resistant material. Inside you’ll find essential items to have on hand in an emergency. There’s a first-aid kit, hygiene kit, respirator mask, emergency flashlight, multi-tool, poncho or thermal blanket, pen and writing pad, waterproof document bag, signaling mirror, and a combination whistle, compass, and magnifying glass. Each emergency go bag also features a three-day supply of food and water with a five-year shelf life. Keep this everyday carry bag somewhere safe in case of emergency, or bring it along with you on hikes and camping trips for added peace of mind. This is also a great item to keep in your car.


3 days of food and water for one person.
First Aid Kit with essential supplies.
Survival Tools and more.


Water Resistant: Yes
Weight: 8.80 lbs
Features: 13 days of food and water for one person.
Features: 2First Aid Kit with essential supplies.
Features: 3Survival Tools and more.

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