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Single Hammock

Single Hammock

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The single bliss is the only travel partner that you'll ever need. Weighing in at only 485 grams and with more surface area than a double bed, this comfy companion and its lightweight suspension system all stuffs into a grapefruit-sized sack - ready for adventure whenever you are.

As light and comfortable as a pouch of feathers, the Single Bliss is the first thing you'll add to your backpack and the first thing you'll take out, where ever you like to hang.


ROOMY - Plenty of room for a solo hang with enough space to invite a friend
NYLON PARACHUTE MATERIAL - soft, breathable, strong & quick drying
SUSPENSION INCLUDED - 250 cm / 100" per side of super durable climbing rope
STRENGTH TESTED - 160 kilos / 350 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 300 cm x 150 cm / 118 "x 59"
WEIGHT: 485 grams / 17 oz

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