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REV Sraps

REV Sraps

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These handy straps are the best way to secure the Rev Tent to a variety of vehicle roofs and bars for transporting.

This set of 4 straps are used to secure the Rev Tent to vehicle crossbars, load bars, factory roof bars, and a variety of roof racks for transportation to and from camp.

These Rev Straps can also be used in combination with the Rev Door Straps to transport the Rev Tent directly on a vehicle rooftop.  No crossbars or roof rack needed.

2 Year Warranty


• UV and rot resistant webbing

• Stainless Steel Carabiners


Extends to 22”/ 559mm


4 Rev Straps: polyester with Stainless Steel Carabiner.
1 C6 Outdoor Dry Bag


Q: I’m confused. There’s only 1 carabiner per strap. How to you connect the strap to both the Rev Tent AND the load bars?
A: Good question. The strap is looped around the load bar / cross bar / factory rail side rails, and then pulled through itself before the carabiner is clipped on to the Rev Tent.

Q: Can I use the Rev Straps to strap the Rev Tent to my Thule Roof basket?
A: The Rev Straps can attach to the Rev Tent in a variety of positions, and can also wrap around a wide variety of objects, like random roof baskets. This mounting system is very flexible and considered a “Universal Fit.”

Q: Can I use my Rev Straps as a general tie down?
A: There’s no reason not to. Rev Straps are a handy addition to any travel adventure kit.

Q: Do I have to use Rev Straps to transport the Rev Tent on my roof?
A: You don’t have to do anything. We’re not the boss of you. BUT – if your Rev Tent doesn't fit inside your vehicle or you need that interior space for other camping gear, there’s nothing else out there that does the job better. Or cheaper, for that matter. You’re already here, so you might as well just add a set to your cart!

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