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Flex Camp Lights

Flex Camp Lights

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Flexible LED camp lighting with both rope mode or lamp mode. Hang in a tree, across an awning, up your ladder, on your tent ceiling, or use as a lantern in the carrying bag. Includes magnetic silicone twisty grabbers for a wide variety of campsite mounting options.

2 Year Warranty


Energy-efficient LED camp lighting with a variety of brightness and mounting options.

The flexible rope can be wrapped, wound, flattened into a variety of useful lighting shapes and secured in place with the magnetic twisty ties. Or use the lights to create a soft light lantern in the specially designed translucent dry bag.

Perfect for everything from work lighting while cooking, to perimeter lighting for safety, to inside the tent for reading and bedtime prep.

At 250 LEDdiodes ("bulbs")ameter, the C6 Outdoor Flex Camp lights offer a real working light solution. These can get bright and are meant to be used for getting stuff done in the dark, and then dimmed for moody playtime later! (Beware of competitorstwinkly LED fairy lights that are ONLY useful for campsite decoration)

Add<span></span>ExtensionStrips<span></span>to create up to 4 meters / 13 feet of strip lighting.

Includes a dimmer switch to dial in the perfect night camp vibe. Because who wants a campsite that looks like a Karaoke bar?

Power can be supplied by any USB power source. We recommend using your cell phone battery pack chargeror the 12v outlet in your vehicle.

Warm natural colored LEDs - rated 2700k
Up to 3 additional Flex Light Extension Strips can be connected (daisy-chained) to the Flex Camp light for a larger lit area and even brighter camp lighting.
For softer lantern-style lighting, just illuminate the light strip while stored in the translucent C6 Dry Bag.
Safely use the Flex Camp Light in the rain.
The black color light strip blends discretely into the campsite during the day.
The 1 meter / 40 “ long light rope Features: rubberized waterproofing rated ip67, locking screw connectors, and 250 LED lights.
Includes 2 Magnetic Silicone ties and 19.5" / 50 cm long dimmer switch cable with screw lock connector.

You need to supply theportable USB power bank (not Contents), or vehicle cigarette lighter w/ USB adapter (vehicle Contents. Not. Got ya).

Consider the Tent USB Extension Power Cable by C6 Outdoor for running the lights up to 13 feet / 4 meters away from the power source. This is handy if you’re using solar or running the lights in the tent off of vehicle power. (Did you know, the Rev Tent has a small zippered opening for feeding power cables inside?)


1 LED Flex Light Rope - 1 meter / 3.2 feet long; 5v; 2835; 120 degree beam angle;2700K;250 LEDs/meter
1 Translucent C6 carrying Dry Bag / Light Globe
1 USB power cable with touch sensitive dimmer switch and locking connector – 50 cm / 20” long.


Q: How many light strips can I string together?
A: We’ve only tried 4 total. At that point, if you need more light, we think it makes sense to start another fresh Flex Camp Light set up. You’re not decorating your house for Christmas!

Q: My light strip has been turning on while in the bag.How can I prevent this?
A: The dimmer is touch sensitive.We recommend disconnecting the lights from the power source when storing away.

Q: I love the lantern hack in the C6 dry bag. How can I make it brighter?
A: You can add a Flex Light LED extension strip for more light.

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