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Base Charge 600

Base Charge 600

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Access home-grade power in off-grid environments with the BioLite BaseCharge 600, a high-capacity li-ion power station that can be recharged from the wall, car, or through solar for complete energy independence. The Easy Read Smart LCD Dashboard provides real-time feedback on your system giving you a clear picture into runtimes and energy usage. The internal 12 checkpoint safety system constantly monitors the unit so you can share power to your network of devices with confidence and reliability. Perfect for personal electronics and family-scale needs, power laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, lights, routers, and more.

2 Year Warranty


622 watt-hour internal rechargeable battery

Included AC Inverter provides max output of 600W and 1000W Surge

Port Wall Includes: [2] 110V AC , [1] DC Car port, [2] DC Barrel Ports, [2] USB-A, [1] USB-C, [1] 100W USB-C PD

230V AC Plug types: UK (type G) EU (type C) NZ/AUS (type I)

Wireless Charging deck cuts the cord entirely

Resettable Energy Odometer tracks watt-hour usage across time and activities

Message Center provides instant direction on system performance and troubleshooting

Pair with BioLite Solar Panel 100 (sold separately) for a fully independent solar generator system

Maximum Power Point Tracking enabled to help you pull the most power possible when recharging through solar

Charge up in as little as 3.5 hours. See Tech specs for full recharge times.

Ideal for: Camping, mobile office, diy projects, temporary power outages

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