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7-Gallon Water Tank

7-Gallon Water Tank

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Whether you need to rinse off your sandy feet, spray the mud off your bike, or take a shower on your extended camping trip, the 7-gallon water Tank is the perfect system for water storage. It has an aluminum body that helps heat up the water in the summer heat and comes with an included hose, shower nozzle, and mounting hardware. The hardware on the tank is all stainless steel and made to last. 

2-Year Manufactures/Craftsman


Quick Release Hardware: Features quick-release hardware for easy attachment or removal of the shower head nozzle.
Multi-Mode Shower Head: A variety of options for different types of water flow from your shower nozzle.
Accessory Mounting Capable: The Aluminum Tank features mounting channels on all 4-sides that allows for mounting of accessory items.
Large Fill Cap: Having a large fill cap makes filling quick and easy to top your tank off before your next adventure.


CAPACITY: 7 Gallons or 28 Liters
DIMENSIONS: 56" L x 7" W x 5.25" H
MATERIAL: Aluminum
WEIGHT EMPTY: 20LBS (Empty) 92LBS (Full)


Aluminum Tank, Rubberized Hose, Shower Nozzle, Sandwich Plate Mounting Hardware

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